Finnish Spinnova chooses a textile engineering specialist

Spinnova is a Finnish wood fibre company that develops ecological technology for manufacturing pulp-based textile fibre. Spinnova’s patented technology is said to save water, energy and chemicals, making wood-based textile fibre significantly more ecological than cotton or the current manmade fibres.

Spinnova’s CEO Janne Poranen said that, “The missing link in this phase of our growth story was a textile engineering expert that also knows the after treatment processes. With Anu here, the Spinnova fibre development together with our customers takes another leap forward.” This addition to the team is part of growing and expanding Spinnova’s operations this year.

Ms Kyllönen has solid experience of materials, textile processes, quality assurance and production management. She has worked in the textiles industry since 2001. Anu Kyllönen has been appointed Specialist, Textile Engineering, in the sustainable fibre company Spinnova as of 21 May 2018.

Kyllönen reinforces Spinnova’s team with the technical textiles industry knowledge that is needed in the further processing phases of fibre R&D according to the manufacturer.

Spinnova’s objective is to globally commercialise pulp-based textile fibre. Spinnova based in Jyväskylä, Central Finland employing 10 experts.

Spinnova’s R&D has recently been complemented with carding and dry spinning technology, which enables a more comprehensive testing process of fibre qualities than before in Spinnova’s pilot factory.

Spinnova represents a disruptive, ecological innovation that turns cellulose into textile fibre simply, without harmful chemicals. Spinnova develops the most sustainable fibre in the world.

As we approach 2020, we find ourselves in a situation where the global population’s demand for cellulose-based textile fibres, can no longer be fulfiled with the current production capacity.

A video on Spinnova can be had here