Workers to Trust AI—but Not Completely

September 11, 2023

By guest author Tom Loftus from the Wall Street Journal.

Good morning, CIOs. As companies test drive generative AI in areas like code generation or summarizing documents, humans are being asked to play the role of roadside sobriety test, double-checking and fine-tuning the resulting work and identifying any irregularities that could send the whole thing into the ditch.

Important work, and as experts tell The Wall Street Journal’s Isabelle Bousquette, this human co-pilot role comes with its own challenges.

Rosalia Tungaraza, Baptist Health’s assistant vice president of artificial intelligence, said that in instances where AI is summarizing recorded conversations between doctors and patients, she trusts the doctors to diligently double check since their careers and reputation are on the line. In other areas, such as operations or call centers, where AI could be used to summarize customer-service calls, there is more of a risk that it won’t be diligently double checked, she added.

“If you put an AI in there, and it works five times in a row, I can see it’s like: if you don’t double check it, what’s the worst that can happen?” she said. Read the story.