Individuals Self-Checking Job References Increases By 57 %, Data Also Reveals a 75 % Rise in Negative Responses

How Does Working Remotely Influence Professional Standing from Your Bosses Perspective?

Is Working from Home Impacting Professional Reputations?

DETROIT (Sept. 8, 2023) – Recent data from  suggests that more individuals are taking charge of their professional narratives by proactively checking their references. An eye-catching 57% surge in these self-checks has been observed. More striking, however, is that these checks have brought to light a 75% increase in unfavorable references, possibly reflecting the challenges of adapting to remote work.

3 Critical Items to know about your job references:

  1. Prioritizing Professional Perception: The 57% spike indicates that individuals are becoming more proactive in understanding how they are perceived in the professional arena. Regularly checking references can play a pivotal role in career advancement and job searches.
  2. Spotting Red Flags: With a 75 % increase in negative feedback, it’s apparent that many are discovering potential roadblocks in their references. This rise in unfavorable references might be connected to the unique challenges of working from home, such as balancing responsibilities and maintaining productivity.
  3. Remote Work Challenges: The remote work trend, accelerated by recent global events, has brought its own set of challenges. The surge in negative references might suggest that individuals need to recalibrate their approach to remote working and consider seeking feedback more regularly.

Jeff Shane, VP of reports ‘The move to self-check references is empowering, but the rise in negative feedback also emphasizes the need for continuous self-assessment, especially in a remote work setting. It’s an opportunity for individuals to address and improve areas of concern.'”

For those keen on managing their professional reputation, understanding and periodically checking one’s references can be a game-changer.

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