Eurostat: Discover our “Stats in a Wrap” podcast series

September 7, 2023

Stats in a Wrap aims to look at the world through the lens of statistics, picking the most delicious morsels and striking flavours to provide insights into the unexpected, quirky and downright peculiar perspectives that only numbers can reveal.

Eurostat’s podcast series Stats in a Wrap offers a captivating journey into the world of statistics.

With three episodes of season 2 already released, we are excited to announce what’s coming next!

For those who are passionate about understanding the meticulous processes behind official statistics, mark your calendars for our upcoming autumn episodes.

In September, we will release an episode focused on data quality, shedding light on the rigorous standards that underpin the various quality dimensions. Then, in October, we will focus on statistical literacy, exploring essential skills and tools to decipher and navigate the world of data effectively.

While waiting for the new episodes, here are some favourites from both seasons:

  • If you are looking to enhance your financial literacy, we recommend the episodes “What is inflation and how is it calculated?” and “Deep dive into government finance statistics”.
  • For those interested in environmental issues, tune in to “How do we manage waste in the EU?” and “How much energy does Europe get from renewables?”.

Listen to the monthly episodes on the Eurostat website and the European Commission Audiovisual Service. You can also subscribe to our podcast on YouTube

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