Armelle Comte is the new head of the Air France-KLM in Switzerland

Arnelle Compte

Armelle Comte, die neue Country Sales Manager of Air France-KLM in Switzerland and Liechtenstein has followed her new position on September 1, 2023. She is following her predessor Eudes-Philippe Eudes-Philippe Le Guelinel,who accepterd another position outside the Air France-KLM-Group.

Armelle Comte will bring around 20 years of experience in the airline business. After she finished her post-graduate studies of international relations and strategic studies at the University of Sorbonne in Paris, she started her career at Air France-KLM 2003 at the London Call Center (B2T- und B2C-Helpdesk for various countries) als Sales Agent and and Team-Leader Afterwards she took over the Role of Customer Contact Supervisor and Project Manager. In November 2011 she transferred to Switzerland and joined the sales team of Air-France-KLM in Geneva and in the function as Corporate Sales Manager and in September 2029 she took over the position as Key Account Manager.

Armelle Comtes former activities at Air France-KLM were concentrating on  Management, Coaching and the development of large teams. She is particularly known for her excellent communication and leadership. An d thanks to her 10 years oft the Swiss market she is well prepared in her new role of Country Manager.

“I am excited to take over the leadership of the sales Team in Switzerland to whom I belong since over 10 years. I am a women in practice and the nearness to customers is important to me. It takes pleasure to work with our partners, the travel agencies.” That is what Armelle Comte stated of the new function.