Chinese e-commerce company is running a nearly autonomous warehouse with almost ZERO human employees

  • Chinese e-commerce firm has built a nearly autonomous warehouse
  • The logistics facility is near Shanghai and has a sophisticated network of automated machinery that scans packages, delivers them to trucks and more
  • The factory’s only four employees are on hand to monitor the automated robots
  • com has already launched a network of autonomous delivery drones

Chinese e-commerce giant has constructed a fulfilment centre that handles as many as 200000 orders each day – and it only has four employees.

That’s because the roughly 100,000 square foot facility is run almost entirely autonomously, with human employees solely on site to tend to the robots.

According to, the warehouse leverages ‘highly-automated sorting technology’ to sort up to 16000 packages per hour with 99.99% accuracy.

Located outside Shanghai, the sorting center uses artificial intelligence to scan and inspect packages as they’re being processed.

‘Once packages are taken off trucks at one side of the Kunshan facility, they’re loaded onto a complex network of automated machinery, where fast-moving, automated conveyors zip each box around,’ explained.

Then, image scanners check the packages in ‘microseconds’ and the firm’s smart logistics system calculates where they should be dropped off.

The packages are grouped by region, picked up by autonomous forklifts and brought to a truck for delivery. says the robotic package handlers can accomplish tasks in a fraction of the time that it would take 180 warehouse workers to accomplish.

Autonomous factory work ?

Located outside Shanghai, the 100,000 square foot sorting center uses artificial intelligence to scan and inspect packages as they’re being processed. says it handles as many as 200,000 packages each day.

Packages are taken off of trucks, carried through a ‘complex network’ of conveyor belts and machinery.

Image scanners check the packages and then they’re delivered to specific bins.

Driverless forklifts ferry the packages to a truck so that they can be sent out for delivery.

A video can be had here