Eurostat: Create your maps with IMAGE, our map generator tool


August 23, 2023


Have you ever wondered how our statistical maps are prepared? Would you like to prepare your own?

The Interactive Map Generator (IMAGE) is a web-based tool that allows users to quickly make professional statistical maps in several predefined map layouts. You can add your data, or load data directly from the Eurostat database.

What’s special about our map generator is that it offers a wide variety of options. For example, you can create maps of the EU at the national and regional level, including all the overseas regions, but also a map of your own country or a world map.

Another interesting feature is the map type, where you can choose the map format according to the characteristics of the data and what you want to show. For example, we have choropleth maps for densities, proportions and rates of change, but if you want to show volumes and total amounts, we recommend the use of proportional symbols.

To make sure all the requirements to have the perfect map are met and the best practices are followed, we have also included a final checklist.

Click here and visit our interactive map generator tool.