Physicians and physiotherapists in the EU: how many?

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In 2021, the EU had an estimated 1.82 million practising physicians. The highest number of practising physicians was recorded in the largest EU countries: Germany (377 000, equivalent to 21% of the EU total), followed at some distance by Italy (243000), France (216000) and Spain (213000).

Among the EU countries, Greece (629.2) and Portugal (562.0) recorded the highest numbers of physicians (physicians licensed to practise) per 100 000 inhabitants, followed by Austria (540.9). By contrast, the lowest ratios were registered in France (318.3), Belgium (324.8) and Hungary (329.8).

611 000 physiotherapists working in the EU in 2021

In 2021, 611 000 physiotherapists were working in the EU, the equivalent of an average of 136.7 physiotherapists per 100 000 inhabitants.

The relative distribution of physiotherapists across EU countries ranged from 234.4 per 100 000 inhabitants in Germany and 215.9 in Belgium down to 12.7 in Romania.

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