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June 2, 2023


Hybrid workplaces. AI. Addressing mental health. These are just three of the ten shifts that are transforming organizations, according to a recent report by senior partners Dana Maor, Michael Park, Patrick Simon , and colleagues. Some of these shifts present thorny challenges for leaders. For example, 39 percent of surveyed employees say they plan to leave their jobs in the next three to six months. Click through the interactive to see all ten shifts.

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May 26, 2023


Ten shifts coming to your organisations

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Dropping out: Why teachers are leaving their roles


March 29, 2023

K–12 schools in the United States are struggling to retain teachers, with annual turnover rates at about 8 percent. School leaders leave at similar rates, but for very different reasons, find senior partner Jake Bryant and coauthors. Teachers cite pay and workloads as top reasons to depart, while school leaders are more likely to cite lack of meaning in their work.

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