ShellyPalmer THINK ABOUT THIS – AI Eliciting Big Feelings From Big Stars

August 4, 2023

Shelly Palmer

Talk about trite scripts and cliché storylines… the first two articles below are about two big Hollywood stars, SAG-AFTRA President (and The Nanny star) Fran Drescher, and Filmmaker (and Family Ties star) Justine Bateman, who are both lamenting the advent of AI as well as offering dire predictions about how it will impact the creation and production of content.

Then, there are a couple of stories about Apple and Amazon, both emphasizing that the tech giants are “all in” on AI.

For reference: In 2022, the estimated total global revenue was $77 billion for the entire film industry and USD 94 billion for the entire television industry. In 2022, Apple’s reported revenue was USD 394 billion and Amazon’s reported revenue was USD 514 billion.

Does anyone want to guess how this is going to play out? As always, your thoughts and comments are both welcome and encouraged. Just reply to this email. -s

P.S. ICYMI: On Wednesday’s Shelly Palmer LIVE, I demo’d SDXL 1.0, Stable Diffusion’s Midjourney Killer, talked about AI copilots like Shopify’s Sidekick and Microsoft’s Copilot and why copilots are the most obvious goal of every AI company. We also looked at ways researchers have found to circumvent AI safety measures, the role of subject matter expertise in generative AI, China’s idea of a well-aligned AI model, and much, much more. Watch here.

Today’s Most Interesting Stories


SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher Says AI Is A “Deadly Cocktail” That Threatens To “Poison” Hollywood

Hollywood’s potential misuse of artificial intelligence is a “deadly cocktail” and a “poison” that needs to be strictly regulated, SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher said in the guild’s latest strik…

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Washington can’t stop Hollywood’s AI apocalypse, Justine Bateman says

Filmmaker Justine Bateman argues that artificial intelligence will personalize television and film, but it will also destroy the creative spirit that has fueled entertainment for the past century.

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Tim Cook touts that Apple has been investing in generative AI tech “for years”

Alongside the release of AAPL earnings for Q3 2023, Tim Cook is also touting the company’s investment in generative AI technology. In an interview with Reuters, Cook said that Apple has been “doing research across a wide range of AI technologies, including generative AI, for years.”

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“Every single” Amazon team is working on generative AI, says CEO

“Every single one” of Amazon’s businesses has “multiple generative AI initiatives going right now,” Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said on the company’s Q2 2023 earnings call on Thursday. The company offers infrastructure and services via AWS that can help power many generative artificial intelligence applications, which Jassy did discuss on the call, but he also stressed just how important AI is across the company as a whole.

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Prompting for Artistic Creation

Can you name the three most famous Impressionist artists? Or describe the color palette and techniques that define Color Field Painting or Naive Art? Your ability to answer these questions will have a big impact on your experience with text-to-image generators like Midjourney. But what if you haven’t been to art school or spent years studying art history?

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LK-99 Is the Superconductor of the Summer

When Sinéad Griffin of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California had some new findings to share about a seemingly magical material that has made users of Twitter go gaga, she did not have to do much to gain a lot of attention. The unusual material, named LK-99, has been presented to the world as a superconductor that would carry electricity at room temperatures with zero resistance.

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Apple sees sales slump continuing, shares drop 2% despite beating sales expectations

Apple on Thursday forecast that a sales slump would continue into the current quarter, sending shares down despite beating Wall Street sales and profit targets in the fiscal third quarter.

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iOS 17 Breakdown: Best New Features for Your iPhone (Video)

A must-watch for all iPhone users and tech enthusiasts, get the insider knowledge on iOS 17 before it officially drops this fall.

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AudioCraft: Meta AI’s Text-to-Sound Model

In a stunning display of AI prowess, Meta AI has introduced AudioCraft, a single-stop code base that does an impressive job of composing, arranging, orchestrating, producing and playing music. AudioCraft is not just an AI that can mimic a melody. It’s a sophisticated system that can create music, sound effects, and even handle audio compression.

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