Swiss e-vignette off to a successful start


August 4, 2023

The motorway tax sticket for the calendar year 2023 can now be purchased electronically at using the Via portal of the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS). Sales have started well but the FOCBS has already received requests for refunds for e-vignettes purchased in error. By law, there is no provision for refunds of the e-vignette. However, the FOCBS is making an exception during the first week since its introduction.

Just like the adhesive 2023 motorway tax sticker, which will continue to be sold, the 2023 e-vignette is valid until January 3, 2024. If you already have a valid motorway tax sticker for the current year, you will only need a new one for the 2024 vignette year. This will be available from December 1, 2023 as an adhesive sticker or e-vignette. In view of various requests for refunds for e-vignettes purchased in error during the introduction phase, the FOCBS is showing goodwill: refunds will be made for e-vignettes purchased in error up to and including August 7, 2023. Requests for refunds must be submitted together with the receipt via the contact form at In line with the Vignette Act, no refunds will be granted for e-vignette purchases made after August 8, 2023.