The McKinsey Week in Charts

Is regional Air Travel ready for liftoff ?

July 6, 2023

Regional air travel could soon take off, according to partners Axel Esqué and Robin Riedel and coauthors, thanks to technology advances (battery-electric, hybrid, and hydrogen aircraft), a greater focus on sustainability, growing frustration with road and airport congestion, and the emergence of mobility-as-a-service. However, the aerospace industry will need to overcome a recent decline in the category: in 2019, for example, air travel accounted for just 4 % of all journeys between 150 and 800 kilometers in the European Union and approximately 8 % in the United States.

Regional Air Travel gen 0001

To read the article, see “Short-haul flying redefined: The promise of regional air mobility,” May 31, 2023.

A leadership opportunity in the public sector

July 3, 2023

While women continue to be better represented in the public sector than in private companies, they remain underrepresented in top jobs. Senior partner Nora Gardner and colleagues find that women are close to or above parity from the entry level to cabinet and department leader roles in the public sector, but they remain underrepresented in the most senior positions, such as in the secretary’s or governor’s office and in legislature or oversight jobs.



To read the article, see “Making government an even better place for women to work,” May 25, 2023.


Aiming for growth in Africa

July 7, 2023

Africa has the youngest and fastest-growing population, which could reach 2.5 billion by 2050. That population boom has the potential to unlock more than $3 trillion in consumer spending, according to a new report by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI). Senior partners Olivia White, Jonathan Woetzel, and MGI directors and coauthors note, however, that Africa lags behind other developing regions when it comes to consumption, due in part to larger segments of the population that live in poverty.




To read the report, see “Reimagining economic growth in Africa: Turning diversity into opportunity,” June 5, 2023.