The 6th edition of the bi-annual Digital Textile Congress 2023 will take place in Ghent – Belgium, September 28-29, 2023

The 6th edition of the bi-annual Digital Textile Congress 2023 will take place in Ghent – Belgium, September 28-29, 2023. This international conference intends to bring forward the best research, latest developments on digital technologies, including hardware, software, digital inks, printed materials and their related applications. It’s about all the aspects of digital technologies that go into making creative, functional textile, from clothing, soft signage, technical, outdoor and indoor textile. The congress will also focus on important issues related to digital technologies such as new business models, e-commerce, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, … And not to forget such an event gives you a lot of opportunities for networking and for making interesting contacts.

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Change of Programme – extra speaker announced: J. Westerhoff, SPGPrints (NL)

Future Fabric: looking beyond traditional textile printing

Abstract: the possibilities and opportunities for the future of fabrics will be discussed, showing specific examples of non-woven and printed electronics applications. Insight into how SPGPrints is innovating in these fields.

Congress language

Congress language is English


Holiday Inn EXPO – Maaltekouter 3 – Sint-Denys-Westrem (Ghent)

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Ghent is a historic city, yet at the same time a contemporary one. The modern daily life of the city’s active inhabitants plays itself out against a gorgeous historical backdrop. In Ghent, they live, work and enjoy life over and over again each day. A couple enjoys the peace of an authentic beguinage. Parents and children stroll through the traffic-free streets of the city centre. A tourist snaps a photo of the three towers, as so many have before, but just a little differently. A businessman with an iPhone walks along the distinctive Graslei, crosses the Lys and enters his stylish four-star hotel hiding behind a medieval facade. Dozens of pavement cafes invite you to discover Ghent’s specialties. The sun is reflected in the many water ways. The city is alive and bids you welcome.




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