EU employment: use of digital devices

In 2022, nearly 30 % of employed people in the EU aged 15-74 reported using digital devices for the entirety or most of their working time.

Overall, more women than men reported such usage of digital devices. This usage peaked for both sexes in the 30-44 age range (36% of employed women used digital devices for most or all of their working time, against 29% of men), then dropped for ages 45-59 (31 % for women, 23 % for men) and 60-74 (24 % for women, 19 % for men).

Among the EU countries, the highest rates for people aged 15-74 were recorded in Luxembourg (47 % of employed people), the Netherlands and Sweden (both 41 %). Meanwhile, the lowest rates were recorded in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece (all 12 %).

In the EU as a whole, the proportion of employed people using digital devices during all or most of their working time increased with their level of education, regardless of sex. Among people with a low or medium level of education, women showed higher shares than men: 10 % of women with low education spent all or most of their working time using digital devices, against 8 % of men; 28 % of women with medium education were in the same situation, against 16 % of men. The trend reversed among people with a high level of education, where women recorded a share of 44 %, while men 47 %.

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Methodological notes:

  • Use of digital devices: use of computers, tablets, phablets, and smartphones for work-related tasks, excluding phone calls.
  • Educational attainment levels are classified according to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED): low level of education refers to ISCED levels 0-2 (less than primary, primary and lower secondary education), medium to ISCED levels 3 and 4 (upper secondary and post-secondary non-tertiary education) and high to ISCED levels 5-8 (tertiary education). The level of educational attainment means the highest level of education successfully completed. Data by educational attainment level in this article refer to the age group 25-74 years.