The Hague System Strengthens Its Security with Multi-Factor Authentication (June 28, 2023)


The Hague System is taking a proactive leap in strengthening its security measures by introducing and implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), a robust and transformative security mechanism, for accessing Hague System online services.

Starting from June 28, 2023, you will need more than just a password to log in to access Hague System online services. You will also be required to register at least one MFA option in your WIPO account to authenticate your identity securely.

Why is the Hague System launching MFA?

As digital technology and business are increasingly interconnected, the need for advanced security mechanisms to protect sensitive data is more critical than ever. Embracing MFA for the Hague System is a testimony of WIPO’s approach to combat potential threats by incorporating innovative technology and cybersecurity best practices. This enhanced security layer will aid in thwarting any unauthorized access, ensuring that access to your design applications, registrations, and self-service requests remains secure.

What methods of MFA are available?

Similar to other WIPO services that use MFA, you can choose one or more of the following options:

  • Push notifications through the ForgeRock app.
  • An app for a one-time password (such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator).
  • Mobile phone registration for receiving a one-time password via text message (SMS).
  • WIPO digital certificates.

WIPO recommends enabling push notifications through the ForgeRock app and suggests registering at least two MFA methods in your WIPO account. The good news is once you set up an MFA option in your WIPO account, you can use it not only for Hague System online services but also for any WIPO service that uses MFA!

What Hague System online services need MFA?

Any Hague System online service that requires you to log in with a WIPO account will need at least one MFA method registered. This includes:

  • eHague;
  • eHague Filing;
  • eHague Manage Representative;
  • eHague Renewal (recommended for logging in when making a renewal request);
  • Hague Document Upload.

New Hague System online services that will be launched and require you to log in with your WIPO account will also require you to use MFA when logging in.

How can you get help?

We are here to provide comprehensive support and guidance to users during the transition to MFA, ensuring seamless integration of the new security measure into our existing processes. If you need help or have questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or send us a message through Contact Hague.

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