EU ICT workforce grows in 2022

May 25, 2023

Highest shares of women in ICT in Bulgaria, Romania and Estonia

The share of women working as ICT specialists experienced a marginal decline in 2022 compared with 2021 (18.9% compared with 19.1%), breaking the upward trend observed since 2014.

Among the EU countries, the highest shares of women among employed ICT specialists were observed in Bulgaria (28.9 %), Romania (25.2 %) and Estonia (24.5 %), while the smallest shares were observed in Czechia (10.9 %) and Hungary (13.6 %).

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Methodological notes: 

  • ICT specialists: people who have the ability to develop, operate and maintain ICT systems and for whom ICT constitutes the main part of their job.
  • ICT specialists’ statistics are derived from Labour Force Survey
  • As of 2021, as a consequence of implementing the new regulation on Integrated European Social Statistics, definitions differ in Spain and France: see the source data (Labour Force Survey) metadata for more details.
  • Croatia: data for women have low reliability.