KARL MAYER GROUP and Lenzing Group collaborate to empower sustainable and aesthetic innovations in flat and warp knits


KARL MAYER GROUP, a world leader in textile machinery and Lenzing Group, a leading global producer of wood-based specialty fibers, have formed a strategic partnership. The aim of the cooperation is to create a more environmentally friendly textile value chain: The cooperation is intended to increase the proportion of botanic and biodegradable as well as fossil-free materials used in the production of textiles on both warp knitting and flat knitting machines.

In the warp knitting sector, the use of up to 100 % botanic and biodegradable fibers and filament yarns – specifically TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers and TENCEL™ Lyocell filament yarn – is targeted. The sustainable products should also convince with an appealing look. The processing of sustainable materials can create additional possibilities in terms of performance and appearance of warp knitted fabrics.

The processing of carbon-zero TENCEL™ branded fibers on STOLL machines in the production of fully fashioned flat knitted articles ensures less environmental impact in flat knitting sector. The special, low-waste knitting process was used to produce an ultra-fine flat knitted fabric on gauge 20 machines suitable for the production of underwear. The fully fashioned process is new in this field. Usually, the process steps of cutting and sewing are part of the production of underwear.

Arno Gärtner

With this focus on cooperation, the KARL MAYER GROUP and Lenzing are offering manufacturers new perspectives. By using botanic and fossil-free fibres during the production process, they can achieve extremely low CO2 emissions and thus meet the consumer behaviour of today’s consumers, who are paying increasing attention to the environmental impact of the products they buy. “The KARL MAYER GROUP is a leading manufacturer of textile machinery and always has its finger on the pulse of its markets. In addition to productivity, sustainability has become a key success factor for our customers. We work with pioneers throughout the textile value chain to provide them with solutions that have a low environmental impact. Yarn is particularly important in this respect. Recycled man-made fibres can be used with high efficiency on our machines. We want to expand the range of materials that can be processed to include petroleum-free yarn variants through our cooperation with Lenzing. In addition to more sustainability, this will also open up the potential for new product developments,” explained Arno Gärtner, CEO of KARL MAYER GROUP.

As a strategic collaboration between KARL MAYER GROUP and Lenzing, the partnership represents an important step by the two companies in guiding the industry towards a more sustainable future and underscores their commitment to empowering partners in the textile chain with value-added solutions and innovation in reducing the carbon footprint of their supply chains. “As a key player in the industry, Lenzing continues to join hands with like-minded partners to pioneer solutions that improve the quality of textile products and enable the ongoing sustainable development and growth of the industry. Through this partnership with the KARL MAYER GROUP, we will inspire the textile value chain to take proactive steps towards achieving their climate goals with easier adoption of botanic and biodegradable materials, meeting the needs of brands and consumers who are looking for eco-conscious products,” said Florian Heubrandner, Vice President Global Textiles Business at Lenzing.

Florian Heubrander

The KARL MAYER GROUP and Lenzing will be showcasing a series of concept products, technical samples and fabrics at the upcoming ITMA 2023 tradeshow in booths (Hall 2-E212 and Hall 4-B-119) to illustrate the potential of knitting innovation leveraged through the collaboration. From then onwards, textile value chain partners can contact Lenzing and KARL MAYER GROUP to discuss how to achieve greater sustainability in their own operations.


The KARL MAYER GROUP is a mechanical engineering company that offers its own digital solutions in addition to a wide range of products and services of its sector.

Today, the focus of the Group is on textile machinery building. The business activities are focused on the two most important stitch forming processes, warp knitting and knitting, as well as on the areas of technical textiles, warp preparation for weaving and digitalization.

The brands of the Group are KARL MAYER for warp knitting, warp preparation for weaving and the production of technical textiles, STOLL for flat knitting, KM.ON for digital solutions and STOLL ELECTRONIC for electronic components.

The KARL MAYER GROUP ensures the success of its international customers with economically and technically best products and services, as well as with innovations that move the textile world. KARL MAYER has 3100 employees. Thanks to its global organization and its claim to produce in its main markets, the group of companies is always close to its customers and their needs. Today, it has subsidiaries in the USA, India, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Bangladesh and Switzerland, as well as agencies in all parts of the world.

The KARL MAYER GROUP is a German family-owned company, which has focused on financial independence and economic sustainability since its foundation in 1937. As a permanent, reliable partner with decades of experience and a high level of quality in all areas, it supports the competitiveness of its customers and business partners.

About the Lenzing Group

The Lenzing Group stands for ecologically responsible production of specialty fibers made from the renewable raw material wood. As an innovation leader, Lenzing is a partner of global textile and nonwoven manufacturers and drives many new technological developments.

Lenzing Tencel Fibre

The Lenzing Group’s high-quality fibers form the basis for a variety of textile applications ranging from elegant ladies clothing to versatile denims and high-performance sports clothing. Due to their consistent high quality, their biodegradability and compostability Lenzing fibers are also highly suitable for hygiene products and agricultural applications.

Lenzing Tencel

The business model of the Lenzing Group goes far beyond that of a traditional fiber producer. Together with its customers and partners, Lenzing develops innovative products along the value chain, creating added value for consumers. The Lenzing Group strives for the efficient utilization and processing of all raw materials and offers solutions to help redirect the textile sector towards a closed-loop economy. In order to reduce the speed of global warming and to accomplish the targets of the Paris Climate Agreement and the “Green Deal” of the EU Commission, Lenzing has a clear vision: namely to make a zero-carbon future come true.

Lenzing Tencel True Carbon Zero


Lenzing Tencel