The McKinsey Week in Charts

Pick your plan

May 18, 2023

The US individual health insurance market has increasingly given consumers more options for insurers and products, according to analysis by partner Brandon Flowers and colleagues. By 2023, for example, just 4 percent of counties had access to only a single insurer, down from 52 percent five years ago. On average, a consumer can choose among five insurers and 88 plans in 2023, compared with three insurers and 27 plans in 2018. Click through the interactive to see more.


To read the article, see “The individual health insurance market in 2023,” April 11, 2023

AI tools for retailers

May 19, 2023

The European grocery sector is expected to begin its recovery in the second half of this year after experiencing substantial cost pressure in 2022. Senior partners Franck Laizet and Daniel Läubli and colleagues found that generative artificial intelligence could help the recovery by adding value for retailers in many areas, including company management, marketing, and customer interaction.



To read the report, see “State of grocery Europe 2023: Living with and responding to uncertainty,” April 19, 2023.