The McKinsey Week in Charts

Climate tech weathers the storm

April 21, 2023Bucking the headwinds that roiled most capital markets, climate-related private-market technology investments increased in 2022, with power, transportation, and water the biggest targets for funds. That growth seems poised to continue this year, in part thanks to policy support in the United States and Europe, according to senior partners Fredrik Dahlqvist and Anders Rasmussen and colleagues.

Climate gen OOO1

To read the article, see “Climate investing: Continuing breakout growth through uncertain times,” March 13, 2023.


Leveling up in healthcare

April 20, 2023Women are strongly represented at the entry level in healthcare but are still underrepresented in more senior roles, according to analysis by senior partner Gretchen Berlin and colleagues. Women account for 75 percent of entry-level jobs in the sector but just 32 percent of C-suite positions. For women of colour, representation at the C-suite level is just 4 percent.

To read the article, see “Women in the healthcare industry: An update,” March 30, 2023.

Private equity slows its roll

April 19, 2023

Private equity fundraising had a banner year in 2021, reaching all-time highs before falling 15 percent, to $655 billion, last year. Senior partner Pontus Averstad and co-authors point to macroeconomic uncertainty, higher cost of debt, and sharply declining public market valuations as main causes of the stifled growth.

To read the report, see “McKinsey Global Private Markets Review: Private markets turn down the volume,” March 21, 2023.


The cheese stands alone

April 18, 2023

Plant-based dairy alternatives are gaining traction, but 71 percent of US consumers choose dairy products exclusively, according to a recent McKinsey survey. Partner Christina Adams and colleagues note that consumers in the dairy-only group tend to be older and eat meat, while the 5 percent of respondents who choose only plant-based dairy alternatives are typically younger and vegan or vegetarian.

To read the article, see “Similar yet different: Meet today’s consumer of dairy and alternatives,” March 21, 2023.


Core to the energy transition

April 17, 2023

Nuclear power is a zero-carbon electricity source that can play a key role, alongside renewables, in the energy transition. Maximizing nuclear’s decarbonization potential could require a ramp-up to approximately 50 gigawatts (GW) per year of new nuclear capacity, according to partner Bill Lacivita and co-authors. This uptick presents a steep task for the industry, which, since 2000, has had a peak of 11 GW of added capacity in a single year.

To read the article, see “What will it take for nuclear power to meet the climate challenge?,” March 21, 2023.