Dive into Eurostat’s essential reads

April 20, 2023

In honour of World Book and Copyright Day, which is celebrated annually on April 23 to promote the enjoyment of books and reading, we encourage you to explore Eurostat’s diverse collection of publications that provide valuable insights into EU statistics. We’ve handpicked a few essential reads to help you get started on your journey.

Shedding light on energy in the EU – 2023 interactive edition

The 2023 edition of Eurostat’s Shedding light on energy in the EU offers a comprehensive, user-friendly overview of the energy sector.

This interactive publication features dynamic infographics and short texts, answering key questions on energy sources, consumption, efficiency and emissions. Available in 26 languages, it includes the latest available indicators and prices.

Key figures on the EU in the world – 2023 edition

The 2023 edition of Key figures on the EU in the world offers a curated collection of statistics comparing EU society, economy and environment with various countries across the globe.

This publication delivers a comprehensive and insightful perspective on the EU’s position on the world stage.

Eurostat regional yearbook – 2022 edition

The Eurostat regional yearbook – 2022 edition offers comprehensive data on EU regions, covering topics like population, health, education, and more.

This edition emphasises regional variations and focuses on European youth, COVID-19 impacts, cancer developments, and water-related issues. Two other releases accompany it:

  • Statistical Atlas visualisation tool 2022: regions can be explored interactively with this dynamic map visualisation tool. Visit the tool and zoom in on your region to see the details.
  • Regions in Europe – 2022 interactive edition: dynamic visualisations and texts for an in-depth understanding of EU regional social, economic, and environmental situation. Ideal for classroom use, home study and analysis, it promotes a deeper comprehension of regional disparities and similarities

Online reads

Explore Eurostat’s Statistics Explained Online Publications, an extensive online resource offering accessible, up-to-date information on EU statistics.

Dive into diverse topics and expand your knowledge with a collection of related, insightful articles. Ideal for researchers, students, and policymakers, this platform enables data-driven decision-making and fosters a greater understanding of European trends.

Eurostat’s copyright notice

We happily endorse the free reuse of Eurostat data and resources for all purposes, enriching the understanding and appreciation of EU statistics.

You are welcome to use all statistical data, metadata, webpage content, official publications, and other documents available on our website, with the following conditions:

  • Acknowledge Eurostat as the source;
  • If any modifications are made to the data or text, clearly inform the end user of the alterations.

Exceptions to this copyright notice are found in the dedicated webpage on Eurostat’s copyright policy. Together, let’s rejoice in the joy of reading, learning, and understanding.

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