Improved Soil Standards from AATCC

AATCC committee RA57 Floor Covering Test Methods recently voted to move its synthetic soil formulation to a laboratory procedure document, making it easier to find and use for multiple applications. Users can now reference AATCC LP4 Laboratory Procedure for Synthetic Soil. The new procedure is available immediately as a downloadable PDF file and will appear in the 2024 AATCC Manual of International Test Methods and Procedures, published in January 2024.


The synthetic soil was developed for standardized carpet soiling. It is also referenced in a draft test method for stain resistance of launderable fabrics. The formulation originally appeared in AATCC TM123 Carpet Soiling: Accelerated Soiling Method. This method was withdrawn in 2010 and the soil preparation was transferred to an Appendix of AATCC Order AATCC LP4

TM122 Test Method for Carpet Soiling: Service Soiling As the committee considers future changes to AATCC TM122 as well as related ASTM standards, it made sense to create a separate standard that all could reference for synthetic soil preparation.

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