The McKinsey Week in Charts

Dropping out

March 29, 2023

K–12 schools in the United States are struggling to retain teachers, with annual turnover rates at about 8 %. School leaders leave at similar rates, but for very different reasons, find senior partner Jake Bryant and coauthors. Teachers cite pay and workloads as top reasons to depart, while school leaders are more likely to cite lack of meaning in their work.



To read the article, see “K–12 teachers are quitting. What would make them stay?,” March 2, 2023.


Counting on analytics

March 31, 2023

Corporate and commercial banking accounted for $2.3 trillion of total global banking revenue last year. Succeeding in this sector now requires offering customers more personalized services, note partners Denis Francis and Imke Jacob and coauthor. Data-powered tools can help. Global banking leaders have cited assessing customer potential and relationship manager productivity as the highest-priority use cases for advanced analytics in the industry.

To read the article, see “The data and analytics edge in corporate and commercial banking,” March 9, 2023.


Growth goals in the Philippines

March 30, 2023



Business leaders in the Philippines looking to emerge from the economic disruptions in recent years may consider an “era thinking” strategy—that is, take the upheavals head-on with an eye toward innovation. According to partners Jon Canto and Kristine Romano and colleagues, the Philippines could see GDP growth of approximately 5 percent this year, a notable rebound after a record 10 percent contraction in 2020.


To read the article, see “What does 2023 hold for the Philippines’ economy?,” March 7, 2023.


A taste of easing inflation?

March 27, 2023

Sticker shock at the grocery store could be letting up. According to chair of insights and ecosystems and chair of McKinsey Global Institute Sven Smit and colleagues, food price inflation has slowed. However, prices of food items in some regions remain as much as 30 or 40 percent above prepandemic norms.

To read the article, see “Global Economics Intelligence executive summary, February 2023,” March 16, 2023.