The McKinsey Week in Charts


 March 7, 2023

As leaders try to make sense of the metaverse, here’s one sign of opportunity: the market value of metaverse activity could grow to $4 trillion to $5 trillion by 2030, find managing partner for global client capabilities Homayoun Hatami and colleagues. The value creation could come from both consumer use cases (e-commerce, gaming, and ads, for example) and enterprise (banking, manufacturing, and training).


To read the article, see “A CEO’s guide to the metaverse,” January 24, 2023.


Plane planning

March 10, 2023

Demand is soaring in the commercial aviation industry, as passenger air travel rebounds from pandemic lows. More travel combined with aging planes has the industry strategizing future fleet needs, explain partners Frank Coleman and Vik Krishnan and coauthors. Depending on economic performance in the sector, aircraft demand could range from about 5,000 to more than 11,000 in the next few years.


To read the article, see “Planning for uncertainty in commercial aerospace,” February 15, 2023.



Launch and learn

March 9, 2023

First-time biotech launches are on the rise, find partners Pablo Salazar and Peter Wright and co-authors. Based on McKinsey analysis, first-time launches are projected to outnumber those from established companies by nearly two to one in the coming years. Many first-timers can struggle, though, as they seek commercial success. Investing in new capabilities and hiring for key roles are a couple of the ways first-timers can potentially set themselves up for a smoother transition.


To read the article, see “Making the leap from R&D to fully integrated biotech for first launch,” February 15, 2023.


An uneven distribution of women in tech

March 8, 2023

Women remain underrepresented in tech roles at European companies, find senior partner Sven Blumberg and co-authors. Furthermore, the distribution of women in specific tech roles varies significantly, from 46 percent in design and management and 30 percent in data engineering, science, and analytics to just 8 percent in DevOps and cloud roles.


To read the article, see “Women in tech: The best bet to solve Europe’s talent shortage,” January 24, 2023.


Building up Black tech talent

March 6, 2023

There is a dearth of Black workers in tech jobs in America. Although Black people comprise 12 percent of the US workforce, only 8 percent of employees in tech jobs are Black, find senior partner Mark McMillan, partner Jan Shelly Brown, and colleagues. The percentage shrinks even more up the corporate ladder; only 3 percent of technology executives in the C-suite are Black, and that gap is likely to widen over the next decade.

To read the article, see “How to close the Black tech talent gap,” February 3, 2023.