Cellulose Fibres Conference 2023 in Cologne (Germany) March 8 – 9



Cellulose Fibres Conference on 8-9 March 2023 in Cologne and online

Getting “fast fashion out of fashion” – New Cellulose Technologies and Applications Reach Beyond Textiles

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Session “New Technologies and Applications beyond Textiles”

Caused by “fast fashion” cycles and increasingly fast-moving consumption habits, textile waste is one of the major polluters of micro- and macro plastics. Experts predict the amount of textile waste to increase in the near future, as only 1 % of textiles are recycled today. Recent studies identify two ways to reduce the pollution caused by this industry: fibre2fibre recycling and upcycling of textile waste. At the same time, the packaging industry is looking into “alternative” materials solutions, one of them being recycled textile fibres.

One of the most promising paths to tackle the textile waste problem of “European Textile Strategy” is the “Fibre2Fibre” recycling of textiles. Main focus points but also challenges of this approach include the creation of an economy of collection, reuse and recycling and getting “fast fashion out of fashion”. The Cellulose Fibres Conference 2023 will present three case studies: viscose, hemp and cotton roll towels. These introduced solutions provide further pieces to solve the puzzle of textile waste recycling solutions.

Additional new application fields for cellulose fibres include cellulosic materials as a precursor to innovative carbon fibres, as a sustainable and renewable raw material that reduces dependence on petrochemical resources.

For the “New Technologies and Applications beyond Textiles” the conference organiser nova-Institute is pleased to present the following speakers:

Wendy Rodriguez Castellanos,
Centre D’innovation des Produits Cellulosiques-Innofibre (CN)

Packaging from Recycled Textile Fibers – Opportunities and Challenges







Michael Hummel,
Aalto University (FI)

Lyocell-filaments from Wood as Precursor for Carbon Fibres







Åsa Östlund,
Tree to Textile (SE)

Alkaline Dissolution and Spinning of Cellulose to Textile Fibres


José Canga Rodríguez,
Dienes Apparatebau (DE)

Research 4.0 – A Modular Approach for the Development of Cellulosic Fibres




Inge Schlapp-Hackl,

Up-cycling of Textile Waste by Means of Ioncell(R)


Innavation Award “Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year 2023”

Cellulose fibres provide important solutions for the future and are already available today in large and growing quantities. Alternative sources for cellulose can further improve the sustainability of cellulose applications. To celebrate pioneers in this field, for the third time, no-va-Institute awards the “Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year” award in the frame of the “Cellulose Fibres Conference 2023” (8–9 March 2023). The conference advisory board nominated six remarkable products, including cellulose fibres from textile waste, banana production waste and bacterial pulp, a novel technology for producing lyocell yarns and a hygiene product. The innovations will be put to the vote of the conference audience on the first day of the event, with the awards ceremony taking place in the evening.
Find out more about innovative cellulose fibre solutions at a Special Edition on the innovation-nominees.

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The innovation award “Cellulose Fibre Innovation of the Year 2023“ is sponsored by GIG Karasek (AT), Gold sponsors are Kemira (FI), Lenzing (AT) and List Technology (CH), Bronze sponsors are Dienes Apparatebau (DE) and Kelheim Fibres (DE). We kindly thank our sponsors for their support.

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Up-cycling of Textile Waste by Means of Ioncell(R)