Reflections by our publisher Virginia F. Bodmer-Altura in regard to “Mind your Manners”

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Today’s TextileFuture Newsletter is the personal reflection of the publisher.

The feature is entitled “Mind your Manners”, and it allows an insight into our daily life and the differences between generations and their behaviours.

We hope that these reflections lead to some embetterments in regard to the behaviours.

The Newsletter is a personal statement of our publisher and we – the Editorial Team of TextileFuture recommend this reading, because it is based upon personal experience.

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Reflections by our publisher Virginia F. Bodmer-Altura in regard to “Mind your Manners”

During the past week, I had some downturns as to the behaviour of people of all generations with one another. This is the background why I have chosen to write about.

Of course as an experienced writer I have some remedy, that I can omplain, thus this is a valve I can open, if I think there is no other medicine applicable and it is geared to insufficient servie by organisations.

What I can influence by my own behaviour, I am trying to adjust to modern times and pay-pack unflattery words in the same manner as these were addressing myself.

When I go shopping in the supermarket, you can be sure, that some people start a race with me to enter just ahead of me. Mostly youngsters not have been instructed to respect adults, meaning no education whatsoever from their parents.

These people are just running, but their brain is no longer working. The same behaviour is noticed by so called service organisations, not knowing how to service customers.

Since Covid times, the manners are gone. A customer is no longer a costumer, but a nuisance. Therefore, more and more companies are using Artificial Intelligence (bots) to create long lines before a human being is finally responding.

But lets return to the supermarket visit. Lately an unexpected friend of mine just tipped me on the shoulder in front of the entrance door. An elderly man just cut my way, and had the impertincence to say why do you permit yourself to cut my way. His enormous wife added some more ugly words. They entered the bus and I shouted how stupid one can only be and age does not contribute to better manners! Then they really got angry!

Coming back to the friend, and it was not for more than 30 seconds, a woman shouted at us why the hell do you have to block the entrance! I responded what a silly remark! She was anoyed, but responded everything is fine! So, why make a commentary?

Now my experience with service organisations: The first is the provider of communiation. The TV box gave up and it took them 13 days to do something about. But I had to use the media services with a complaint, before it was managed. They dispathed a technician – as I proposed – and free of any cost for me. The chap was very courteous and very glad that I spoke Italian – his mother tongue – and he accepted a bottle of red wine in return for his services and sent me a hand kiss from the elevator in return. You will not believe it, that was on a Thursday, and the Monday afterwards, the provider media department was calling me to make sure that everything is still fine with my TV. That was very nice and made me feel subperb!

The case with the payment service of the post office is less glamourous! Because I – under pressure – used three times the wrong code in the old post office – the card was cancelled. The old postoffice employee ordered immediately (written) a new card and gave me the written order. After five days no new card, but a code to re-enter the system. But no go, because I had the notice on my device card service denied. Meanwhile the post office is in the same building and I went downstairs to getsome information. The employee phoned some superiors and could accept a large amount to my account, and she controlled whether I can make a withdrawal of CHF 1.00, but I had to deposite for this a signature. I wanted to pay the rent, but there was a maximum limit of CHF 1000.00, the lady forgot, so I could not effect the payment. However I got a letter from the media department, explaining why they wanted me to pay CHF 11.00 for getting only some practical information. The content of the letter – three quarters of it – was only pricing – and then they added that the system was tested for me and that the account is active. Thus the reminder of this story is contrarious.

I had to go to the post office again, and I had to repeat the story and instruct her that against signature she could charge me for CHF 2.30 to send off the letter. Meanwhile on Friday, the new card was ordered and it will take until Tuesday or Wednesday before I get it and can effect payments.

As I had to send yesterday a written complaint to another service organisation that obliges me to get up on Tuesday for the Newsletter email at 3.25 AM, because the service does not apply scheduling when the system is unattended! I am really enthused by this fact! And other things are not working either.


It is very rare that the brainwork is functioning in the speed the organisations are speeding up AI with bots, only you don’t get the right answers at all.

It is a matter of customer treatment that has to coincides with the expression “Mind your manners”.

But I believe it is obsolete to think that manners and education are coming back as before Covid Times.

Author: Virginia F. Bodmer-Altura, Publisher of TextileFuture







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