Workplace Fairness Highlights Workplace Issues Unequally Affecting Black Workers and the Evolution of DEI at Work Since 2020


Workplace Fairness Protects Workers’ Rights

WASHINGTON (Feb. 17, 2023)

This month, Workplace Fairness is highlighting workers’ rights issues that disproportionately impact Black workers and employees of colour in the workplace through its Know Your Rights’ pages to help workers better understand their rights and identify and address unfair treatment.
The topics included in the discussion about DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) include:
Race Discrimination + Harassment
Hair, Grooming + the Crown Act
The Civil Rights Act of 1964
Inclusive Hiring

Fair Interview + Application Process

In addition, on February 22 Workplace Fairness will be releasing an episode of The Worker Experience podcast on a hot button topic: the evolution of DEI in the workplace since its rise in 2020 and how DEI differs from a culture of belonging. For this episode, podcast host and WF Executive Director, Edgar Ndjatou, is joined by Chiquita Hall-Jackson, attorney and president of NELA Illinois, and Chris Scott, social scientist and researcher. Those interested should subscribe to The Worker Experience to be alerted when it is available or can schedule time with Ndjatou to meet discuss DEI in the workplace.

Know Your Rights

Millions of workers in all 50 states rely on Workplace Fairness for information about their workplace rights and can find more information here: Your Rights – Workplace Fairness

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