Grapevine – a weekend column of the Wall Street Journal

Most people suffer from “survival pessimism,” the belief they won’t live as long as they actually will, writes Josh Zumbrun in an insightful column this week. In one recent study, people systematically underestimated their chances of living to the age of 75 by 10 % or more, Josh found. While living longer is a good thing, of course, it can also create complications if you haven’t set aside enough money and resources for retirement. The column spells out the importance of distinguishing between longevity–the probability of living beyond a certain age–from life expectancy–the average number of years someone will live when planning for the future. The two are quite different.

Also this week, Andrew Beaton takes an entertaining look at the food that brothers Jason and Travis Kelce devoured growing up in the Cleveland suburbs to become the massive football players they are today. Jason, center for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Travis, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, will be the first brothers to play against each other in the Superbowl on Sunday.

And don’t miss Ellen Gamerman’s discovery that the third installment of male stripper movie “Magic Mike” is somehow being marketed as wellness for women.

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