Pizza and quiche prices: 16% up in 2022 in EU


We are celebrating National Pizza Day on February 8, 2023, so we are taking the opportunity to share with you data on price rises related to pizza.

Data for December 2022 show that the price of store-bought pizza and quiche in the EU was, on average, 16 % higher than in December 2021. In December 2021, the price was, on average, only 2 % higher than in December 2020.

Among the EU countries, the highest increase in annual inflation for pizza and quiche was recorded in Hungary (+46 % in December 2022 compared with December 2021), followed by Lithuania (+39 %) and Bulgaria (+37 %). On the other hand, smaller increases were recorded in Luxembourg (+7 %), Italy (+10 %) and France (+13 %).

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Methodological notes:

  • Pizza and quiche (01115): includes farinaceous-based (flour-based) products prepared with meat, fish, seafood, cheese, vegetables or fruit. The code refers to the store-bought varieties eaten at home.
  • Malta and Slovakia: data not available.