Save the date: webinar on the European food chain



If you are interested in EU agriculture and fisheries statistics and in the wider farm-to-fork chain, Eurostat has the perfect event for you. Join us for a webinar on 22 February 2023 to learn more about the publication ‘Key figures on the European food chain’.

The event will be opened by Viveka Palm, director of sectoral and regional statistics, followed by Edward Cook from the agriculture and fishery statistics unit. He will present the ‘Key figures on the European food chain’ publication and its findings.

The online webinar will be streamed on the Eurostat website and Eurostat Facebook account. It is open to anyone interested, from agriculture enthusiasts to statisticians and journalists, and there is no need to register. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about the publication via Slido.


Add the event to your calendar by clicking below, and join us.

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This publication, released in December 2022, focuses on the EU’s farm-to-fork chain and presents intuitive visualisations and innovative data presentations. It includes an overview of agriculture and fisheries, and then moves on to the processing, trade, distribution and consumption of food and beverages. The publication concludes with a chapter on environmental issues related to the various stages of the food chain, including food waste.

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