Excess mortality in EU dropped to 6.7 % in November 2022


Excess mortality in the EU in November 2022 was almost +6.7 % of the average number of deaths for the same period in 2016-2019, the second lowest value of 2022 after March 2022 (+6.6 %). This EU estimate indicates a decrease from the previous month of October when excess mortality was at 10.6 %. In absolute terms, there were around 25000 additional deaths in November 2022.

In comparison, the excess mortality rate was +40 % in November 2020 (151000 excess deaths) and +27 % in November 2021 (100000 excess deaths).

This information comes from data on excess mortality published by Eurostat today, based on weekly deaths data collection. The article presents a handful of findings from the more detailed Statistics Explained articles on excess mortality and weekly deaths.

Excess mortality rates continued to vary across the EU Member States. All Member States registered increases in excess mortality, except for Romania (-6%), Bulgaria (-3 %) and Slovakia (-2 %), which recorded no excess deaths. Italy recorded few excess deaths, with its rate standing at +0.5 %. After these Member States, the next lowest rates were recorded in Belgium and Lithuania (both +1%), Sweden (+2 %), and Poland and Spain (both +3 %), all less than half of the EU average.

The most affected countries in November 2022 were Cyprus and Finland, which recorded excess mortality rates of +24 % and +21 %, respectively. Germany also recorded a high rate of +16 %.

The EU registered earlier major peaks in excess deaths in April 2020 (+25 %), November 2020 (+40 %), April 2021 (+21 %) and November 2021 (+27 %). July 2022 also showed significantly higher than the baseline mortality, may be due to the heatwaves that affected parts of Europe during the reference period.

How did the situation evolve in your country?

Although excess mortality was observed during most of the past two years across Europe, the peaks and intensity of outbreaks varied greatly between countries. For further analysis, you can read the Statistics Explained article on excess mortality and use the interactive tool by selecting the country you would like to analyse.