CES 2023’s Most Innovative Assistive Tech: Jabra, Whispp and More


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Jan 06, 2023

By guest author Dalvin Brown. Dalvin Brown covers personal technology, including the latest smart devices, apps and services making an impact on consumers. His videos take you behind the scenes to find out what the latest tech developments mean for you.

Last year, the buzz from the CES global tech show in Las Vegas was a futuristic sound system that used camera-powered head tracking and sophisticated acoustic engineering to beam sound directly to the ears of the listener, and nobody else. Its creators said they raised millions of dollars from investors and planned to ship the devices this past March. They never did.

Hardware startups are facing an innovation crunch, thanks to rising economic uncertainty and interest rates, Covid-19-related issues in China, and a plunge in venture-capital funding. It could be a while before the next wave of startups unveil gadgets we can’t live without.

Read on for WSJ Personal Tech reporter Dalvin Brown’s overview of CES.

Meanwhile, among the gadgets that are on display at the show, a trend is subtler, more effective tools to assist disabled people, from stair-climbing wheelchairs to closed-caption glasses.

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