Major drop in extra-EU imports of fireworks


In 2021, the EU imported 29200 tonnes of fireworks from extra-EU countries, worth EUR 90 million. This was more than three times less than what was imported in the pre-pandemic year of 2019 (105000 tonnes; EUR 264 million). In 2020, the decrease was already evident with 79700 tonnes of fireworks imported, worth EUR 190 million.

Nearly two-thirds (59 %) of extra-EU imports went to three EU Member States: the Netherlands (6900 tonnes, 24 % of extra-EU imports of fireworks), Poland (5300 tonnes, 18 %) and Denmark (5200 tonnes, 18 %).

China accounted for 99 % of the total volume of extra-EU imports of fireworks (28 800 tonnes).

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Methodological notes:

  • Fireworks: HS product code 360410 ‘Fireworks’
  • Dutch trade flows are over-estimated because of the so-called ‘Rotterdam effect’ (or quasi-transit trade): goods bound for other EU countries arrive in Dutch ports and, according to EU rules, are recorded as extra-EU imports by the Netherlands (the country where goods are released for free circulation). This in turn increases the intra-EU flows from the Netherlands to those Member States to which the goods are re-exported.