EU Sparkling wine exports grew 29 % in 2021



In 2021, the EU’s sparkling wine exports to countries outside the EU amounted to 636 million litres, a significant increase of 29 % compared with 494 million litres exported in 2020. This increase comes after the first year of the pandemic, which significantly dampened wine trade growth as many bars and restaurants were entirely closed or partly closed throughout the year, leading to a 6 % decrease in 2020 compared with 2019.

Exports registered in 2021 were also above the levels seen in 2019, with data indicating a 21 % increase from 528 million litres in 2019 (+ 108 million litres). Between 2017 and 2021 exports had been increasing at an average annual rate of 7 %.

In 2021, the three largest categories in extra-EU exports of sparkling wine were prosecco (43 %, 273 million litres), champagne (15 %, 94 million litres) and cava (10 %, 65 million litres).
The top two export destinations for sparkling wine from the EU were the United States (31 % of total extra-EU exports of sparkling wine, 198 million litres) and the United Kingdom (28 %, 177 million litres).

Meanwhile, EU Member States imported 5.8 million litres of sparkling wine from non-EU countries, which corresponded to only 1 % of the amount that was exported.

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Methodological notes:

  • Sparkling wine consists of the following products:
    • 22041011 Champagne, with PDO
    • 22041013 Cava, with PDO
    • 22041015 Prosecco, with PDO
    • 22041091 Asti spumante, with PDO
    • 22041093 Sparkling wine of fresh grapes with a protected designation of origin “PDO” (excl. Asti spumante, Champagne, Cava and Prosecco)
    • 22041094 Sparkling wine of fresh grapes with a protected geographical indication (PGI)
    • 22041096 Varietal sparkling wines of fresh grapes without PDO and PGI
    • 22041098 Sparkling wine of fresh grapes (excl. varietal wines)