November 2022: Chemicals and Pharmazeuticals diminish Swiss Foreign Trade

Bern, 20.12.2022

Wheras the exports decreased by nearly one tenth in November 2022. The imports increased by 1.4 %. The reduced volume of exports from the sector Chemicals – Pharmaceuticals were responsible for the total results.

The balance of trade showed a lower excess figure of nearly CHF half a billion.

In short terms:

  • Exports fell in November to the level the beginning of the year 2022
  • 7 % less Exports to the USA
  • Imports of Chemical and Pharmaceuticals and energy sources

Total Swiss exports amounted in November to CHF 20916 million and imports to CHF 20422 million, thus resulted a balance of CHF 494 million. In nominal terms exports in November decreased by 9.2 % and Imports increased by 1.4 % or in real terms Exports were 2.8 % down and Imports also by -0.6 %.

Textiles, clothing and footwear exports amounted in November totally to CHF 399 million, CHF 9 million less than in October 2022 or in nominal terms  -2.3 % and in real terms -2.6 %.

Seasonally adjusted textiles, clothing and footwear imports settled in November to CHF 1495 million mor CHF 44 less than in October 2022, in nominal terms  resulted -2.9 % and in real terms – 2.1 %.

The total imports of Clothing was CHF 693 million or a plus of CHF one million, in nominal terms resulted +1.4 % and in real terms + 1.1 %.

Total imports of Footwear amounted to CHF 193 million or CHF + 4 million, nominally plus 3.4 % and in real terms -1.9 %.

Machines and Electronics total imports – among also textile machinery – was CHF 3092 million or CHF 67 million less than in October 2022, in nominal terms -2.1 %  and in real terms – 2.1 %.

These figures result from the official statistics.

Translation by Virginia F. Bodmer-Altura