Marzoli is exhibiting at ITME, the most important event for the textile machinery sector in India.

During these early days we met a lot of relevant customers, mainly from India and Bangladesh, we are comparing with industry professionals and having interesting discussions about their next investment projects.

New Marzoli India Plant in CoimbatoreIndia ITME is the opportunity to showcase the outstanding value of Marzoli products portfolio for the spinning sector, with a special focus on Roving Frame Technology and combing machine, combined with the whole range of digital solutions for the textile industry.

In the present global textile scenario, India is playing a key role, and continue to be the enabling ground for the textile machinery manufacturers.
We started our journey in the Indian market ten years ago with a first branch in Bangaluru and now, in our new 115000 square feet plant in Coimbatore, we are building the future of Marzoli India.

New Marzoli India Plant in Coimbatore

On Saturday 10th of December, we had the pleasure to welcome in an exclusive location near to the India Expo Centre & Mart, a delegation of more than 80 Indian customers and journalists to share and present our “2025 strategic roadmap for India” that has the ambitious goal to shape the future of Indian textile industry.

Impressions from the special event

During the event, Mr. Neeraj Jain, Joint Managing Director & Business Head (Spinning) – Vardhman Textiles Limited joined us to share his viewpoint on the current global market scenario, highlighting the short and medium terms developments.

Impressions from the special event


Impressions from the special event

The “Marzoli strategic roadmap for India” is based on 6 pillars:

“Made in India”:  Thanks to the assembly of machinery and systems in our plant in Coimbatore, we are increasing the production capacity for the whole product portfolio. By the end of 2023 we will achieve the full increment of 40 %.

A local and dedicated supply chain has been developed to improve the quality of products and components, as well as to optimize the services taking advantage from the proximity to the customer. Well trained and skilled Indian engineers that, starting from the internal assembling, factory testing, erection and final set up are creating a direct connection and flow of technical competences, delivering passion and the over 170 years of Marzoli textile culture.

Digitalisation and AI: The long-term vision and innovative Digital journey, that Marzoli and Camozzi Group have designed in 2010, have made it possible to develop the first A.I. enabling platform dedicated to the textile industry.  Our Digi4spin centre based in Marzoli India will support the customer through advanced remote services and training activities. Digi4spin will sustain the corporate’s organization for accelerating the digital transformation processes and culture through a specialized academy. As well as promote the adoption of A.I. technologies in the industry.

Automation: More than 170 years of textile technology and optimisation of the spinning process result in a strong commitment towards automation of production lines and processes.  We firmly believe Automation, directly connected with Digitization and AI, constitute the enabling platform necessary to standardise quality, improve performances and productivity. The capability to fit an advanced automation system to the existing ecosystem, improving workplace conditions, workers engagement, while reducing wearing and alienating tasks, is a tailor-made approach which Marzoli is going to deliver and promote through Marzoli India.

Italian design: Being a brand that represents the Italian design excellence in the textile machinery sector means creating unique tailor-made solutions designed on customer needs which combine innovation and tradition, creativity and accuracy, reliability and out of the box approach, distinctive traits of the Italian culture.

Innovation: in the development of new products and processes from a sustainable and digital point of view.

Tradition: to fully take advantage of the experience and competences gained over the year and transform them into a well-established know-how.

Customised engineering services. We address the needs of our customers with tailored solutions. We want to do this by intercepting and understanding the emerging trends, working in close contact with customers, research institutes, competence centers and technological suppliers to create value through a careful activity of engineering and networking.  Marzoli India will be an open house for our customers, where different ecosystems can meet and share ideas to create disruptive concepts and solutions.

Circular economy. Make circular economy real, in textile industry, is our vision

Our mission: the development of circular technologies and processes to carefully balance economic and environmental sustainability. Marzoli India circularity program is aimed at promoting a synergic supply chain able to realize full industrial projects for the regeneration of valuable fibers from post-industrial and post-consumer fabrics. We are going to establish this circular alliance by the end of 2025 involving strategic stakeholders.

Empowering people as a key resourse for the textile industry of the future is our goal.

We want to create an expanded ecosystem engaging customers, strategic suppliers, institutions, textile schools and reseach centers.

Working with them in a proactive way. In the next three years we’re going to create a programme of cooperation to promote the development of the next generation of engineers dedicated to Advanced Automation, Robotics, and A.I. for the textile industry.

By the end of 2024 we will launch dedicated workshops aimed at implementing open innovation approach in collaboration with the technical and maintenance teams of our customers.

This 2025 ambitious roadmap is, for Marzoli, the first necessary step to realise its long term vision for India.