Security Union: EU Commission proposes new rules on Advance Passenger Information to facilitate external border management and increase internal security

On Dec. 13, 2022, the EU Commission is proposing new rules to strengthen the use of Advance Passenger Information (API) data. This proposal is one of the key actions identified in the EU Security Union Strategy. The EU continues its progress in strengthening its overall security architecture, which aims to enhance EU citizens’ protection, as shown also in the Fifth Security Union Progress Report adopted today.

Information on travellers has helped to improve border controls, reduce irregular migration, and identify persons posing security risks. Every year, over a billion passengers enter, leave or travel within the EU. The new rules will improve the use of API data to perform checks on passengers prior to their arrival at the external borders. The new rules will also enhance the fight against serious crime and terrorism within the EU.

The Commission is also today proposing a new Action Plan on Trafficking in Cultural Goods, which remains one of the most lucrative forms of business for organised crime groups.

More information is available online in a press release, Questions and Answers and a Factsheet.