Standing with the Ukrainian people: EU delivers further energy support for the winter

At a time when temperatures across Ukraine have dropped to below zero, Russian attacks have left millions without reliable access to electricity, central heating and water. To help those most in need, at the conference ‘Standing with the Ukrainian people’ in Paris today, President Ursula von der Leyen made three important announcements: 1) a new EU delivery of urgently needed power generators, 2) the setting up of a rescEU health and energy hub in Poland opened to any third country donors, and 3) the donations of energy saving lightbulbs.

President Ursula von der Leyen said:“The Ukrainian spirit remains unbroken and unyielding. We must help Ukrainians through the winter, and for as long as necessary. This is what brings us to Paris today. Europe is providing more support to Ukraine as temperatures drop. We are providing 800 power generators, for example, and soon, up to 30 million of LED light bulbs, which can help make precious energy savings. In addition, we are creating a new EU hub in Poland to deliver energy and health assistance to Ukraine. It will be up and running as of next week – and opened to any third country donor.”

The press release is available online.

The speech of the President will be available here