The McKinsey Week in Charts

Digital trust is earned

December 9, 2022

Digital-trust leaders are outperforming their peers both in loss prevention and business growth, say senior partners Alex Singla, Kate Smaje, and co-authors. We consider digital-trust leaders to be companies with employees who follow codified data, AI, and general ethics policies and that engage in at least half of the best practices that we asked about in a recent survey. Click through the interactive to see how digital-trust leaders are more likely to engage in a range of best practices across data privacy, AI ethics, and cybersecurity compared with other organisations.



To read the article, see “Why digital trust truly matters,” September 12, 2022.


Dawn of a new era?

December 12, 2022

Could the current moment of geopolitical and economic upheaval usher in a new era of progress? A look at previous periods after times of turbulence might offer a clue, find senior partner Sven Smit and co-authors in a recent paper. During the Era of Markets (1989–2019), for example—which came as the Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union broke up, among other world-shifting events—new majorities emerged. By 2019, 67 percent of the world’s population had a mobile phone and 72 % of net new annual electricity-generating capacity globally came from renewables.

To read the paper, see “On the cusp of a new era?” October 20, 2022.


Investment in fusion is heating up

December 8, 2022Nuclear fusion has long been considered a far-off, near-impossible clean-energy solution. However, technological advances have picked up—as has investment, find senior partner Miklós Dietz and co-authors. Private investment in fusion energy has accelerated in recent years, with the value of investments nearly tripling in 2021.

To read the article, see “Will fusion energy help decarbonize the power system?” October 12, 2022


Money side up

December 7, 2022Revenues in the global payments industry that eroded in 2020, the first full year of the pandemic, were recouped—and then some—in 2021, growing at 11 percent and pushing revenue projections to $3 trillion by 2026. Partner Philip Bruno and coauthors found that overall revenue growth averaged 3 percent during the past two years, surpassing more pessimistic predictions.

To read the article, see “The chessboard rearranged: Rethinking next moves in global payments,” October 7, 2022.


Different disruptions, different playbooks

December 6, 2022The confluence of today’s crises are challenging leaders in Europe at a greater magnitude than they have ever faced before. Senior partner Homayoun Hatami and colleagues explain that no crisis can be handled by following the same playbook. While the pharma industry, for example, showed positive returns after the COVID-19 pandemic, current geopolitical turmoil is having uneven effects across industries. Click through the interactive to see more results.


To read the article, see “A defining moment: How Europe’s CEOs can build resilience to grow in today’s economic maelstrom,” October 12, 2022.


Cleantech creation

December 5, 2022Achieving net-zero goals will require stepping up climate technology innovations. The United States can capture value and improve energy security by, for instance, establishing climate tech hubs where natural resources and industrial centers exist. Senior partner Laura Corb and colleagues note that parts of Texas, with established gas infrastructure and a wealth of renewables, could support hydrogen supplies to industries along the coast and could produce sustainable fuel for export and transportation.

To read the article, see “Climate tech competitiveness: Can the United States raise its game?,” October 3, 2022.