Key figures on European Transports – new publication


Eurostat released on December 12, 2022 Key figures on European transport, a new publication with intuitive visualisations, innovative data presentations and concise text that provides an overview of the wide range of data on transport offered on Eurostat’s website.

Key figures on European transport starts with a presentation of statistics on the movement of people by land, water and air transport modes in the first and second chapters.

The third chapter looks at transport safety, again presenting information for various transport modes. The fourth chapter combines information on transport, the environment and energy.

The final chapter looks at a range of economic indicators, such as employment in the transport sector, transport prices, and expenditure on transport. The publication features data from EU Member States and EFTA countries.

The pandemic itself and accompanying restrictions have affected the supply of and demand for many transport services within the EU. Most of the data in this publication are available up to 2020 or 2021 and show the impact of the pandemic in these years by comparing with data from before the pandemic.

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