Equality Package: The Commission proposes new rules for equalitybodies and the recognition of parenthood between Member States

The Commission is presenting on December 7, 2022, two initiatives (i) to strengthen equality bodies in the EU and (ii) to harmonise rules for the recognition of parenthood between Member States, as part of an Equality Package.

On equality bodies – public institutions that provide assistance to victims of discrimination  and issue reports and recommendations – the Commission proposes to strengthen their independence, resources, and powers, so that they can combat discrimination in Europe more effectively. The new legislation will ensure that equality bodies can better protect victims of discrimination and contribute to the prevention of discrimination.

On recognition of parenthood, the Commission proposes to harmonise at EU level the rules related to the recognition of parenthood between Member States. The proposal is focused on the best interests and the rights of the child. It will provide legal clarity for all types of families, who find themselves in a cross-border situation within the EU. One of the key aspects of the proposal is that the parenthood established in a Member State of the EU should be recognised in all the other Member States, without any special procedure.

The press material is available online.

Equality bodies:

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Recognition of parenthood:

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