SHIMA SEIKI to Exhibit at India ITME 2022


Leading flat knitting solutions provider SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD. of Wakayama, Japan will participate in the India ITME 2022 exhibition to be held at India Expo Centre & Mart in Greater Noida in December. India’s textile industry is seeing rapid growth in both the domestic market and demand for exports. SHIMA SEIKI plans to show the latest sustainable solutions that can keep up with this growth, through its exhibit of the latest in knitting technology for both WHOLEGARMENT® and shaping, as well as the latest in DX solutions utilising virtual sampling.

SHIMA SEIKI will exhibit proposals in seam-free WHOLEGARMENT® knitting technology that offers an alternative to labour-intensive manufacturing in India and other international markets. Featured is the MACH2®XS WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machine with original SlideNeedle™ on four needle beds and spring-loaded moveable sinker system supporting a wide range of high-quality WHOLEGARMENT® knitting in all needles. The range of usable yarn and material has increased as well, thanks to i-DSCS+DTC® as standard equipment, important to a market with a solid spinning industry.

Meanwhile The N.SVR®123SP computerized knitting machine features a special loop presser bed, capable of producing hybrid inlay fabrics with both knit and weave characteristics. Demand for such novel fabrics is very high across a wide range of applications, from fashion apparel to sportswear, innerwear, outerwear, uniforms and other functional clothing, as well as home furnishing and technical textiles. N.SVR®123SP at India ITME will feature the special i-Plating® option, capable of alternating yarn colours in any pattern, producing jacquard-like designs using plain jersey stitch for even greater diversity in knit design.

Demonstrations will be performed on SHIMA SEIKI’s SDS®-ONE APEX4 design system. At the core of the company’s “Total Fashion System” concept, SDS®-ONE APEX4 provides comprehensive support throughout the production supply chain, integrating production into one smooth and efficient workflow from yarn development, product planning and design, to machine programming, production and even sales promotion. Especially effective is the way SDS®-ONE APEX4 improves on the product planning and design evaluation process by replacing physical samples with digital prototypes. Based on photo-realistic simulations, these virtual samples minimise the need for actual sample-making, realizing significant savings in time, cost and material and contributing to sustainable manufacturing.

APEXFiz® is subscription-based design software that maintains the proven functions that have made SDS®-ONE APEX series design systems so popular with fashion designers. Installed on personal computers, those strengths are now enhanced with the added versatility to adapt to different work styles and business environments including teleworking and telecommuting. APEXFiz® software supports the creative side of fashion from planning and design to colorway evaluation, realistic fabric simulation and 3D virtual sampling. Virtual samples are accurate enough to be used effectively as prototypes, replacing physical sampling and consequently reducing time, cost and material that otherwise go to waste. APEXFiz® thereby helps to realize sustainability and digitally transform the fashion supply chain. APEXFiz® is available in 5 different product variations that can be selected according to the customer’s needs, from APEXFiz® Design Jr. to APEXFiz® Design Pro.

Exhibition details

Exhibition: India ITME 2022

Date: Thursday, 8th – Tuesday, 13th December 2022

Hours: 10:00AM – 6:00PM

Location: India Expo Centre & Mart

Plot No. 23/25, 27/29, Knowledge Park II,

Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201306

Tel: +91-0120-2328011-20

Organizer: India ITME Society

Booth No.: H1A8

Exhibited technology

MACH2®XS153 15L WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machine

N.SVR®123SP 16G Computerized flat knitting machine

SDS®-ONE APEX4 3D design system

APEXFiz® Subscription-based design software

For more information please contact:

Universal MEP Projects & Engineering Services Limited

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Company Name: SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD.

Established: 1962

President: Mitsuhiro Shima

No. of Employees: 1,392

Headquarters: Address: 85 Sakata Wakayama 641-8511 JAPAN

Telephone: +81-(0)73-474-8210 (Joint Sales Division)

Facsimile: +81-(0)73-474-8270 (Joint Sales Division)


Core Business: Development, manufacture, sales and service of WHOLEGARMENT® knitting machines, computerised flat knitting machines, glove and sock knitting machines, computer graphic apparel design systems, apparel CAD systems, computerized fabric cutting machines (CAM), textile printing machines and other related peripherals.

Company Profile: SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD. of Wakayama, Japan is a leading manufacturer in the computerized flatbed knitting machine industry. With complete systems integration from planning, production to sales promotion and retail sales, SHIMA SEIKI has been dedicating its products and services to the knitting industry worldwide through the latest in computerised knitting technology.

SHIMA SEIKI is also the pioneer in complete garment manufacturing technology—called WHOLEGARMENT®—wherein an entire knitted garment is produced on the knitting machine without the need for linking or sewing afterward. Since its commercial introduction in 1995, SHIMA SEIKI has been the undisputed leader in WHOLEGARMENT® knitting technology with 35 years of on-going research and 25 years of proprietary field experience and know-how, not to mention over 2,500 related patents and patents pending worldwide.

Meanwhile SHIMA SEIKI’s SDS®-ONE APEX series 3D design system and APEXFiz™ design soft- ware feature ultra-realistic knit simulation for creating virtual samples. Virtual samples minimise time, cost and material associated with the sample-making phase. Virtual samples can also be used to gauge consumer response to items before going to market, effectively realizing production based on demand forecasting. Inventory can therefore be optimized to minimize leftover stock, realizing smart, speedy and sustainable production.