Halti latest jacket makes use of both Spinnova and imogo’s new technologies


The most recent addition to the urban Kallio line by Finnish outdoor company Halti is the Cyclus unisex parka jacket

The water- and wind-resistant parka is comprised of cotton and Spinnova fibre and was dyed using imogo of Sweden’s high-precision dyeing process.

This is the first product that combines imogo with Spinnova technology. The parka will go on sale in the spring of 2023.

Halti’s CEO Aki Kuusilehto, said that they have incredibly high criteria for all the materials we utilize at Halti. In addition to being recyclable and environmentally friendly, the materials we select must also be durable and shield people from wind and horizontal rain. Utilizing novel materials and discovering how they operate practically is fascinating. Their long-term goal is to make items like the Cyclus unisex parka widely accessible to customers so they may become everyday wardrobe-essentials.

Imogo’s unique method is extremely resource-efficient, using over 90 % less electricity, chemicals, and water than traditional jet dyeing. A minimum amount of water and no hazardous chemicals are used in the creation of Spinnova fibre, which is also completely biodegradable and circular in nature. Imogo and Spinnova made their cooperation official in July 2022.

By 2031–2033, Spinnova hopes to develop its global production to produce one million tons of sustainable Spinnova fibre yearly alongside investor and joint venture partner Suzano, giving global fashion brands and retailers a scaled-up, adaptable fibre.