Swiss Autoneum: Coming full circle on sustainability: 100 % polyester carpet systems

Winterthur, November 28, 2022

By introducing a carpet made of 100% polyester, Autoneum now opens up new opportunities for vehicle manufacturers to meet their ambitious sustainability targets. The innovative carpet systems are fully recyclable, thus paving the way for an improved and more sustainable end-of-life recycling of electric vehicles. In addition, the high content of recycled PET, as well as the zero waste and less energy-intensive production process further improve the carbon footprint of Autoneum’s new monomaterial needlepunch and tufted carpets.

In light of ever more stringent emissions regulations towards a greener and electrified mobility, ve-hicle manufacturers are placing increasing importance on the sustainability performance of individ-ual components across the entire product life cycle. Autoneum’s new environmentally friendly carpet systems made of 100 % polyester feature a high content of recycled raw materials. Their zero waste and latex-free manufacturing process also significantly reduces CO2 emissions as well as water and energy consumption. Additionally, by offering a fully recyclable carpet system, Autoneum is already supporting customers in an area whose importance for an improved sustainability performance of cars will increase even further in future: the end-of-life recycling of electric vehicles.

While the interior of cars with combustion engines is usually shredded together with other parts – mainly the vehicle body –, thus making the reclaiming of textile products such as carpets practically impossible, e-cars open up new perspectives for end-of-life recycling. Since the battery has to be removed at the end of vehicle life in order to be recycled or disposed of properly, the demand for easy-to-dismantle products, especially carpets, for the interior of electric vehicles is increasing.

However, such easily removable components not only facilitate access to the battery, but they can also be individually recycled at the end of product life, enabling car manufacturers to tap into previously unexploited sustainability potential. With its sustainable 100 % polyester carpet systems,

Autoneum is at the forefront of this development, offering customers today the fully recyclable components they need to achieve their sustainability goals tomorrow.

Autoneum’s fully recyclable carpet systems ensure a closed material loop and are thus tangible proof of the Company’s long-term commitment to improving the sustainability performance of its products and manufacturing processes.

The 100 % polyester carpets build on the existing light-weight and particularly sustainable Autoneum Pure technologies: the carpet surface, for example, is made of Di-Light or Relive-1, while Hybrid-Acoustics PET is used for the decoupler. Thanks to Autoneum’s innovative alternative backcoating (ABC) process, which uses a thermoplastic adhe-sive instead of latex, the production of the new monomaterial needlepunch and tufted carpets also requires significantly less energy and no water at all.

Autoneum’s sustainable tufted carpet system made of 100 % polyester is already in development for an electric model of a German vehicle manufacturer that will be available in Europe and Asia.

About Autoneum

Autoneum is globally leading in acoustic and thermal management for vehicles. The Company develops and produces multifunctional, lightweight components and systems for interior floor and engine bay as well as the underbody. Customers include almost all automobile manufacturers in Europe, North & South America, Asia and Africa. Autoneum operates 53 production facilities and employs around 11720 people in 24 countries. The Company with its headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland, is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (ticker symbol AUTN).