Change at the Executive Committee of the Swiss Employers’ Association (Schweizerischer Arbeitgeber Verband (SAV)

Outgoing SAV President Valentin Vogt


Valentin Vogt decided to leave the Executive Committee of the Swiss Employers Association as its President at the end of June 2023. The Board Committee proposes Severin Moser to the attention of the members at the General Assembly.

Vogt has been President of the SAV since July 2011.

“After 12 years serving as President it is time for change. This manifests another path of my plan to deliberate myself from public duties and functions and to concentrate majorly on my managerial duties and as member of the board of non-quoted organisations at the stock exchange”, explains Valentin Vogt.

Severin Moser, incoming President of SAV

The election of the new president Severin Moser will take place at the employer day on June 27, 2023. With Severin Moser it will be the first time ever that a candidate with the background from the sector services will take the helm.

The 60 years old economist has a long year experience as CEO and member of the Board in the insurance sector and was until the end of 2021 CEO of Allianz Insureance Allianz Switzerland and member of the Board of the Swiss Insurers Association.

“Severin Moser knows well the Swiss SAV and the major subjects treated, because he was five years member of the SAV committee. “A part of my engagement as board member, I would like to take resposibilities of  employer policy and to engage myself for an excellent framework for the Swiss Economy and for a sound social partnersship”, declared Moser.

We would like to underline our thanks to Valentin Vogt for is impressive engagement for the Swiss Economy. In his time as President of SAV he positioned the association anew and strengthend in effectiveness.

About SAV

Since 1908 the SAV is the voice of employers at the Swiss Economy, in politics and the public. As top association of the Swiss Economy it represents around 90 regional and sector specific employer organisations and some individual enterprises.

In total the SAV represents over100000 small, medium and large enterprises with around 2 million employees of all sectors of the economy. The SAV is for a strong economy and well being of Switzerland. SAV disposes of recognised experts, particularly in the fields of employee market, education and social policy. The SAV is managed by its director Roland A. Müller and presided by Valentin Vogt.

Translated by Virginia F. Bodmer-Altura, Publisher of TextileFuture