McKinsey: How can everyone get a slice of the pie?

Curated by Emily Adeyanju Editor, Charlotte

November 24, 2022As many take to the roads and the skies on one of the most travelled days of the year, food and fellowship are top of mind. Yet rising inflation, global supply chain challenges, food loss, and climate change have had tremendous impact on the path of food from farm to table. Problems like these have left more than 3 billion people unable to adequately address their food needs. Addressing the food crisis will involve reimagining world food systems: taking a closer look at how and where food is grown, whether it is available and affordable, and how it can reach those who need it most. This Thanksgiving, don’t miss these insights authored by partners Michael Chui, Andrew Roth, and others, on the challenges of food distribution and potential solutions, including:

  • diversifying agriculture systems to increase healthy food options for distribution
  • using analytics to match food distribution and supply with food-insecure populations
  • exploring plant-based “meat” and “poultry” as healthier, sustainable food options
  • mitigating food loss from farm to table
  • expanding food-delivery systems and optimizing food transport to poor areas

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