Podcast on regional statistics : a magnifying glass on the EU


Why are regional statistics so important? How is money funnelled to support different regions? Which regions in Europe offer the best quality of life? To answer these questions and more, the eighth episode of the Eurostat podcast series Stats in a Wrap covers hot topics in regional statistics while highlighting the data available from Eurostat, such as the Eurostat regional yearbook and Regions in Europe – 2022 interactive edition.

The host Jonathan Elliott discusses regions with Bianka Fohgrub, a statistician at the regional statistics and geographical information unit at Eurostat, and Paolo Veneri, head of the regional analysis and statistics department at the OECD. They also hear from people on the streets about their views on life in European regions.

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Stats in a Wrap aims to look at the world through the eyes of statistics, picking the most delicious morsels and striking flavours to provide insights into the unexpected, the quirky and downright peculiar perspectives that only the numbers can reveal.

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