INDIA ITME 2022 – Do’s and Don’t’s





Exhibitors can appoint a contractor of their choice for stall design and stall construction, subject to the following rules.

  1. Organisers will allot only bare space with proper marking of the borders on the floor with stall number for the area booked by the exhibitors. Construction of partition walls is the responsibility of the bare space stall holder. For example, a single side open bare space stall holder will have the responsibility of constructing partition walls on 3 sides as will as finishing from both sides.


  1. Exhibitors are required to submit stall layout plan, elevation and 3D artist’s impression, online for it’s approval positively before 13.11.2022


  1. An exhibitor whose design has been approved by the ITME architect, can commence erection after taking official possession of the stall area. No exhibitor shall be allowed to start work on their stand without prior approval of the layout plan. The decision of the ITME architect as regards to the approval of the plan shall be final and binding upon exhibitors and the work must be carried out as per the approved drawing only.


  1. Exhibitors are advised not to use any vacant space around and behind their stands for storage or otherwise. This could be hazardous and could restrict the movement of service personnel. Organisers reserve the right to remove such material at the risk & cost of the Exhibitor.


  1. Exhibitor must submit a no of his stall fabrication workers, working on site and should obtain official passes from the Organisers for hall entry during construction and breakdown period.


  1. Workers below 18 years will not be permitted to enter the premises and undertake any work at the venue. Exhibitors to ensure that this rule is strictly adhered to by their contractors


  1. Workers having badges issued by the organisers will be allowed to stay inside the halls at night and that too only within their stall area from 21.00 hrs to 09.00 hrs next day. Any worker, Contractor, Exhibitors’ representative, material supplier, wanting to enter the exhibition halls must have an official badge issued by the Organizer’s, Under any circumstances.


  1. A worker cannot continues his shift mor than 12 hours continuously.


  1. Subject to prior approval of the stall layout a Mezzanine floor with total height of the stall not more than 5.0 meters can be constructed at extra charges of 50% of the total stall charges payable. The area booked by such exhibitors should be 72sq. meters or more. Area of the mezzanine floor should not be exceeding 25% of the ground area booked. Such mezzanine floor should be constructed at minimum distance of 1.5 meters away from the adjacent stalls and/or Aisles/Open Sides. The Mezzanine floor is permitted only for the purpose of office or reception area with refreshment areas and it is forbidden to be used for display or advertisement purposes.


  1. The area below the mezzanine floor and access stairs must have adequate normal and emergency lightings. All metal structures must be connected to the earth circuit of the hall. The mezzanine floor area must be equipped with a portable fire extinguisher, one for every 50 Sq. Mts area of mezzanine. There should be at least one staircase per 100 Sq. Mts or 15 Running Mts length of Mezzanine area with a minimum width of 1.2 Mts.


  1. Construction of Mezzanine floor shall be allowed only after submission of a structural and fire safety certificate from a registered Structural Engineer and a letter in writing discharging the Organisers of any liability or responsibility in the unlikely event of any mishap caused due to poor design / workmanship of such structure.


  1. All stands with an accessible platform higher than 50mm must have an access ramp and the slope of such ramp(s) must be uniform and not more than 8%. This ramp/ slope must fall within the stand area and must not protrude into the aisle.


  1. Organizers suggest co-operation between neighboring exhibitors for construction and finishing of common partitions a specially form the back side of their stalls.


  1. Sides, which are open to the aisles, should not be blocked by panels for more than 30% of the length of such side. Any structure, publicity material, photographs, charts, should not have height exceeding 4.0 meters. However, products higher than 4.0 Mts on display and placed directly on the floor without artificially raising the height can be more than 4.0 meters. Height of panels and common panels between stalls should not be more than 4.0 meters and should have smooth surface on both sides. However, the back wall of the stall against natural wall of the hall can go upto a height of 5.0 meters, wherever available.


  1. Pillars in the stalls may be covered with paneling upto height of 5.0 meters without grouting on the wall, floor or causing damage of any nature to the structure of the exhibition hall. A door / window should be provided on such paneling, incase the pillar has electrical main supply point/ distribution boards/Fire hydra for access to electric supply/ Fire extinguishers.


  1. No suspensions are to be made from the trusses of the Exhibition Hall. Exhibitors will not be permitted to fasten machines or any part of display may be attached, nailed, screwed or drilled on to the floor, columns, wall or any other part of the hall. If this instruction is ignored, the Exhibitor/Contractor concerned will be penalised for the damage thus caused. As per IEML rules.



  1. A back wall must be provided, except in the case of an island stall. The Organiser reserves the right to change, modify, lower or shorten any back wall or sidewall, if such a wall, in the opinion of the Organiser/ Fair Architect, may obstruct the reasonable view or exposure of other Exhibitors’ stalls at the cost and risk of the exhibitor.


  1. Exhibitors applying for shell scheme construction would be provided a fascia name indicating company name and stand number.


  1. Use of bright and/or coloured decorative lights, neon signs of any size, shape or colour (including those depicting exhibitor’s name or logo) or any other similar electrical decorative materials is strictly forbidden.


  1. Use of any type of loud speakers or musical instrument in the stalls is forbidden. Use of video tapes for display and demonstration will be permitted.


  1. Use of all types of banners, hanging decorations made by paper, cloth or any other inflammable material etc. is strictly forbidden. Use of flowers in vases and potted plants is welcome.


  1. Carpeting/ Floor covering of the stands is compulsory for all Exhibitors. Use of suitable commercial material for floor covering inside the stands is permitted. Gluing/ pasting of carpet on the floor may be done only by using easily removable bi-adhesive tape that leaves no marks on the floor.


  1. Enclosures for office, conference or pantry can be set up in the stalls provided the height and area covered by such enclosures is not more than 3.0 meters and 30% of the stall area respectively. Such enclosures should be located along the building wall of the exhibition hall, if any, or at the rear of the stall. Enclosures should be at least 2 meters away from the aisles/ open sides.


  1. For stands with 3/4 open sides, there shall be no partitions for more than 30% of the length of any open side and the inside partitions should also be such that they do not obstruct the view or aesthetics of the adjoining stand/s. In case they are found to be obstructive, such partitions shall have to be provided with clear glass / acrylic above 1.2 meters height.


  1. No part of any structure or exhibit, including overhangs/ cantilevers, would be allowed to extend beyond the boundaries of the stall allocated. This includes, symbols, logos, lighting, floral decorations, furnishings etc.


  1. Logos and single branding signages can be displayed by exhibitors up to a height of 4.0 meters for stands up to 72 Sq. Mts provided they are away from adjacent stalls by a minimum distance of 1.5 meters, up to a height of 4.5 meters for stands up to 120 Sq. Mts provided they are away from adjacent stalls by a minimum distance of 2 meters and up to a height of 5.0 meters for stands above 120 Sq. Mts provided they are away from adjacent stalls by a minimum distance of 2 metres.



  1. All the halls are air-conditioned. However the participants who desire to install air-conditioning facility in their cabins should take care to see that exhaust or water outlet does not disturb the main passage of the Hall or the neighbouring stall. Exhausts of the air-conditioning installation should be upwards above 3 mtrs. height or contained within the stall itself.


  1. Exhibitors shall keep and maintain the interiors including all fittings, fixtures etc. belonging to IEML in good order and condition and will leave the same in as good a condition as they were on the date of possession of the stall.


  1. Service Providers and Agencies who are authorized to provide service are listed on our website. It is our request and suggestion to please verify the official Agencies listed onsite or with ITME office, if any doubt or if any unauthorized Agent approach you with an offer of service. This is in your own interest.


  1. Kindly note that all Exhibitors, Media Partners, Associates and Agents are allowed to do promotion, distribution or marketing within their respective booth. No temporary or unauthorized staff will be allowed to distribute pamphlets or do any marketing outside their booth or use public areas to do so. All staff allowed inside exhibition premises will have to get permission from organizers to be inside venue and should carry identity badges.


  1. Considering that a period of 4 days has been provided for bringing in and installing exhibits and taking trial of exhibits, it is highly desirable on the part of the exhibitors to plan arrival of exhibit cases well in advance at the INDIA EXPOSITION MART LTD., Greater Noida. immediately on commencement of the entry period viz. 03.12.2022.


  1. Waste materials /oils/chemicals disposal Of India ITME 2022

Exhibitors who use oils/chemicals to clean their exhibits during exhibition period may also note that due to stringent norms of effluent disposal, any type of waste

materials /oils/chemicals would not be allowed to be disposed from the stalls in the trenches.

Hence, kindly intimate organizer’s office/Housekeeping agency accordingly about your waste disposal.


  1. Protection of Immaterial Rights


All exhibitors must respect and are liable for ensuring protection for the immaterial rights of other exhibitors and of third parties such as e.g. patents, trademarks, copyrights etc. for the products they display at INDIA ITME 2022 in accordance with current provisions of law. All necessary measures shall be taken by the exhibitor before displaying his products. India ITME 2022 exhibition authority is exempt from any liability in connection with the violation of immaterial rights by an exhibitor.


  1. Water quality for running machine at India ITME 2022




  1. Technical specification of exhibition halls of India exposition mart LTD


  1. live demonstration schedule during India ITME 2022

Please find below our revised live demonstration schedule during India ITME 2022 which you be noted  for your stalls in the interest of conservation of energy, orderliness & uniformity.


Exhibitors are requested to adhere to the above schedule on all day of the exhibition form December 8-13, 2022.

Note: The timing on the last date will be considered up to 8th demonstration

  1. Security Service


The Organizer will provide general security at the entrances and in the halls. The venue has a CCTV system which covers the common areas and main access to the halls. The organiser offers no guarantee that the exhibition grounds will be supervised and monitored continuously.


Supervision of stands, the items on display and any other objects located at the stands is not the responsibility of the organiser.


Exhibitors can engage authorized security services should they require extra security for their stands, through the online service forms. No other private security services are permitted onsite.

Exhibitor’s attention is drawn specifically to the fact that stand exhibits and other items on the stand are particularly at risk during the stand build-up and dismantling periods. Exhibitors are responsible for the security of items of value and/or those that can be easily removed and these items should always be locked away at night.


  1. Kindly follow all the rules & regulations of covid-19 laid by the Gov. of INDIA from time to time.


  1. Kindly follow all the rules & regulation of India ITME 2022 mentioned in exhibitor manual as well as the Guidelines of IEML.


  1. We request your co-operation in this regard and help us to conduct the event in an organized and planned way, and safe manner making it convenient for both the exhibitors/visitors and the organizers.


  1. Entry for Temporary Pass process is as follows


Kindly visit Temporary pass counter at Registration Area

Give your Government ID proof for verification. (Aadhar / Driving License) Photo ID Proof will remain at Temporary Pass counter.

The Authorized team will verify details and allot a temporary pass to the concern person for entry.

Attendee can enter the exhibition hall with the allotted pass within 1hr.

Attendee have to finish the work before the deadline(1 Hr.)

Submit the pass before leaving at the counter & Collect your Photo ID Proof.


Temporary pass will be valid for 1 hr. from the time it issued.

Temporary pass is not chargeable.

Attendee cannot visit any other company’s stall for any reason.

  1. Pantry in Exhibitor stall


Cooking and distribution of food inside the halls is also strictly not permitted.