Zalando discontinues its resale platform Zircle


German fashion giant Zalando, has announced that it will discontinue its second-hand fashion platform, Zircle.

After giving it some thought, the store has opted to concentrate on the pre-owned section of the main Zalando website and app. All 23 Zircle employees have agreed to new employment at Zalando.

In an interview it mentioned, “after careful thought,” the company decided to stop developing the standalone Zircle app and concentrate instead on the pre-owned section of the Zalando website and mobile app.

Zircle, which combines the words Zalando and circular, was first tested by Zalando in 2019 with a pop-up shop in Berlin. The reselling platform grew during the ensuing years in countries like Spain, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden.

The company on the website, said that they appreciate the trust in them and their services. Thankfully, this doesn’t mark the end of their shared journey. On Zalando, you may still get incredible pre-owned items and even sell items to Zalando, according to the company’s statement on the website.

Although the reasons for discontinuance have not yet been made public, this may come as a disappointment to supporters of sustainable fashion as Zalando was one of the first significant shops to join the reselling trend. Even though numerous competitors are striving for market share, used clothing has a poor profit margin, making it difficult to stand out in a crowded environment. It does become difficult.